Descendants of Hans Kaspar (Casper) Kolb

First Generation

1. Hans Kaspar (Casper) Kolb was born about 1708. He died on 30 Apr 1770 in Camden District, SC. He resided in 1754 in Anson, North Carolina. He resided 4 in 1770 in Will, Charleston County, SC.

Hans Kaspar Kolb was born about 1708 in Germany and died in 1770 inSouth Carolina. He came to America from Rotterdam aboard the ship'Allen' arriving in Philadelphia on September 11, 1729 and lived inPennsylvania until approximately 1753. He was a member of the GermanBaptist Brethren and came over with Alexander Mack, a founder of theGerman Baptist Brethren (part of the ``Anabaptist´´ or early Mennonitemovement). Also on the ship was Anna ``Phyllis´´ (Felicitas) Kolb whoit is believed was Kaspar´s wife.

He went by the name of Casper and changed his last name from Kolb toCulp. He moved from Pennsylvania to North Carolina in 1754 getting agrant along the Catawba River in that year from North Carolina. Thegrant was surveyed into South Carolina in 1763 when the state line wasestablished. He died in 1770 in South Carolina. When Chester Countywas created in 1785, his land fell in the NE corner of the county.Casper is believed to have owned over 900 acres of land in Chester Co,SC. The grant indicates that he occupied the land for some time. Hemade his will, which names four daughters and five sons, on September30, 1769 and it was proved on April 30, 1770 and is recorded on page447 of the old Charleston Wills Book, 1767-1771.

Hans married Anna Phyllis (Felicitas) Kolb about 1729. Anna was born about 1710. She died before 1764.

Two indentures made by Casper Culp on 5/12/1764, each conveying 225acres to Matthew Patton and to James Patton, respectively, arerecorded in Mecklenburg, NC, records. They include the phrase "Free ofDower Rights", which implies his wife had died by then.

Hans and Anna had the following children:

  2 F i Mary Culp was born about 1731 in Pennsylvania. She died after Jun 1783.
        Mary married William F. Taylor after 1764. William was born about 1714. He died before Jun 1783 in Chester County, South Carolina.


Facts about this person:

Fact 1
maybe William Taylor
+ 3 M ii Peter Culp was born about 1732. He died after Aug 1791.
+ 4 F iii Barbara Culp was born about 1733. She died after 1782.
  5 F iv Margaret Culp was born about 1735 in Pennsylvania. She died in 1745/1839.
        Margaret married Robert Brown. Robert was born in 1719/1755. He died in 1745/1833.

maybe Robert Brown
  6 F v Catherine Culp was born about 1737 in Pennsylvania. She died about 1775 in North Carolina.
        Catherine married (1) John (Lance) Lentz. John was born in 1731 in Germany. He died on 5 May 1803 in Rowan County, North Carolina. John died on 5 Feb 1807 in North Carolina.
        Catherine married (2) Husband Probst 1. Husband was born 2 in 1719/1755. He died 3 in 1745/1833.
+ 7 M vi Henry Culp was born about 1738. He died after 1798.
+ 8 M vii Benjamin Culp was born on 15 May 1741. He died on 29 Oct 1819.
+ 9 M viii Augustian Culp was born about 1745. He died in 1805/1810.
+ 10 M ix John Culp was born in 1750. He died on 17 Apr 1809.

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